The London Tea Auctions - a history continued...

The Auctions in London recommenced in 1951/52, with teas arriving from the producing countries around the world.

This enabled the Producers to get an  indication of the price for the future after the 1939/1945 war, as, of course, the price was controlled and based on 1939 values.

The Auction Room was in Plantation House of the 7th/8th floor, in Mincing Lane - a magnificent auditorium. This had been 'home' for Tea, Coffee, & Rubber, by Public Auction since before the war.

The building of Plantation House was partly financed  by John Bunting, (Buying Broker) in the 1930's for the London Tea Trade.

The weekly auctions sold approx 60,000 to 70,000 chests per week !! (A chest weighing between 55 lbs to 110lbs).

Mondays sold Indian & African - Tuesday Ceylon's (Sri Lanka).