“These jasmine-scented, hand-made rings of delicate white tea make any moment a special occasion. They are excellent for a dinner party.”

Jade Rings

Jade Ring consists of the finest, downy leaves from young tea plants less than 5 years old.

It comes from the Fujian Province of SE China and is, to our knowledge, unique.  With remarkable skill, the delicate leaves of this tea are gently rolled and twisted into tiny rings.  This extraordinary tea is ideal for a dinner party or similar occasion, when the clean, nutty, delicately sweet flavour and soothing aroma are an excellent conversation piece.

After rolling and shaping, the leaves are dried using the pan-frying method.  The skill of the tea-maker during this phase of processing lies in matching the temperature of the pan to the moisture content of the leaves.  To come into contact with this tea is to be privileged to experience a heritage of tea-making skill that has literally taken centuries to perfect.

To brew, place 3 or 4 rings per person in a pot and add boiled water that has been allowed to cool for 2 mins.  Steep for 4 mins.

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Ingredients: China White Tea.

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