“Famous English blend only with large-leaves.”

English Breakfast Large-Leaf Teabags

English Breakfast is perhaps the best known of the classic blends. It is usually (as ours is) a blend of teas from Ceylon (for flavour), Assam (for strength) and Kenya (for colour), though others teas are sometimes used.

English Breakfast is full-bodied, rich and robust. It has a distinct sweetness and roundedness of flavour and a deep red-brown colour.

It is also a very versatile tea, which is great to drink at any time of day. A mid-afternoon break with a mug of E.B. and a nice bit of cake will keep you going for another hour or two!

To brew, put one teabag in a mug and add freshly boiled water.  Infuse for 4 mins.  Best served with milk (and sugar if desired).  Some prefer it black, perhaps with a slice of lemon.

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