“The best of both worlds - great flavour and a good night's sleep.”

Decaffeinated Full Leaf

The benefits of a speciality English Breakfast blend - but without the caffeine! Are you trying to reduce your caffeine intake? Do you like to drink a cup of tea before bed but worry about not sleeping? If so this may be the tea for you.

We decaffeinate our teas using the gentle CO2 process which dissolves the caffeine in carbon dioxide. Others tend to use methyl chloride which we will not allow anywhere near our teas! They are much too good to be tainted with chemicals. The natural CO2 process causes minimal loss of flavour to the tea whilst effectively removing the caffeine.

English Breakfast is a classic blend that is perfect for drinking at any time of day. Traditionally it is drunk (as the name suggests!) with an English breakfast of bacon and eggs, but it is also a good general-purpose blend which we enjoy at any time. This decaffeinated version is particularly suitable for drinking after dinner, as the strength of flavour is an effective palate-cleanser - but being caffeine-free it will not keep you awake at night.

To enjoy at its best place one teaspoon per person in a warmed pot and add fresh boiling water. Allow to brew for 4 minutes then strain into cups or mugs. Decaffeinated English Breakfast is best enjoyed with milk (and a little sugar if desired).

If you love our decaffeinated teas don't forget our range of herbal teas and tisanes such as Camomile, Rooibos and Mate, as well as the low-caffeine green and white teas. Meanwhile, if you enjoy the flavour of English Breakfast and don't mind tea with caffeine, you may also like Assam and Kenya teas as well as the Western regions of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). We also recommend our blend of Darjeeling and Assam.

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