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Looking down on the tea plantations across the majestic hills of the southeast of Rwanda is the Nyungwe National Park, home to the last block of montane forest in East or Central Africa. It is one of the most ancient forests, dating back before the last Ice Age, which supports a uniquely rich floral diversity, with over 200 different types of tree, myriad flowering plants including a host of colourful orchids. The meeting of two varied landscapes - tea plantation and forest - creates a rich visual experience. The magnificent views of the Nyungwe Forest are a beautiful backdrop to the tea plantation.

This tea transports you across the desert plains up into the lush forest. The liquor is a rich red-brown with a distinct floral aroma, producing a full-bodied and bright, spicy flavour.

Southsea Afternoon Tea
Southsea Afternoon Tea

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This magnificent blend is a well-kept secret
outside the ranks of tea connoisseurs. It
deserves far greater popularity, because it
is a blend that many tea drinkers would
find delicious.

Assam and Darjeeling are
two regions of North East India. Assam
is low-lying but Darjeeling is mountainous.
Assam tea is rich and malty - Darjeeling
is delicate, with a biscuity muscatel taste.

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Hampshire Grey is a lovely, fragrant Earl Grey breakfast blend.

Strong, rich tea with lots of high quality Ceylon in the blend, excellent for drinking in the morning, with just a hint of natural Bergamot Oil.

To brew put one teaspoon of loose leaf in an infuser and add freshly boiled water. Infuse for 1-2 mins. Best served with milk (and sugar if desired).