AAT Packaging
We are tea importers and blenders. We have traditional and flavoured tea blends, tea bags made with excellent tea (including full leaf teas), and many herbal and fruit teas. We supply members of the public and the trade.

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Retailer of the Year award 2013

Retailer of the Year 2013

We won the Retailer of the Year Award at the News Business Excellence Awards last night.

- Sat 16 Feb 2013
U and non-U by Nancy Mitford

Should you put the milk in first or last?

Here's a question I'm asked several times a day. I don't mind answering it, but I thought it might save everyone time if I wrote the answer down. Should you put the milk in first or last?

- Wed 13 Feb 2013
Bergamot Orange

Illiteracy at the Daily Mail and how to make a real Earl Grey

A recent Daily Mail article by Anne Shooter was wrong on an important point. But when I attempted to correct it, I immediately hit an obstacle. The person in charge of these matters does not even know how to use an apostrophe - surely a handicap in such a job. So my helpful comments on the subject of Earl Grey were always bound to fall on deaf ears....

- Tue 12 Feb 2013
The News Business Excellence Awards

The News Business Awards Shortlist - Retailer of the Year

A kind, and sadly anonymous, customer has nominated us for the News Business Excellence Awards in the category "Retail, Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure". Thank you very much to that unknown person, and thank you to the many other customers who wrote to the newspaper in support of our nomination.

- Thu 7 Feb 2013

Why do we blend teas?

VIDEO - Why should we even bother to blend teas? Why not leave them as they are? The answer is that usually, we want consistency. Imagine if your supermarket tea tasted different every time you bought it.

- Tue 29 Jan 2013
My niece Rebecca enjoying a pancake-free day in the snow.

Why did this grandmother make pancakes with snow?

Why would you make pancakes with snow? My long-standing customer, Professor Joshua Bamfield (who writes about celebrity shoplifting, among other weightier matters) tells me that his grandmother used to make pancakes with snow. A charming but puzzling eccentricity, I thought, until the good professor reminded me that (a) batter needs to be cooled in the fridge before you make your pancakes; and (b) there were not many fridges in those days.

- Wed 23 Jan 2013